Traffic Investigation Unit



The Lynn Police Traffic Investigation Unit is comprised of one sergeant and two patrolmen: Sergeant Edward Shinnick, Officer John Meaney, and Officer John Folan.

These investigators respond to all serious or fatal collisions that occur within the City.




          The investigation at the scene of a collision requires specific knowledge of accident reconstruction techniques, including analysis of roadway evidence such as skid marks, scuffs, gouges, and other evidence in the roadway. This information can be used to determine the speed, direction and dynamics of vehicles involved in collisions. The use of damage analysis and other information gathered at the scene provides valuable information on the cause of a collision. The principles of physics and several areas of mathematics play an important part in successfully reconstructing serious collisions.



In addition to fatal and serious injury collisions, the Unit investigates hit-and-run collisions that occur within the city. This involves reviewing the initial officer’s report and performing computer checks on the drivers and vehicles involved in the collision. The involved vehicles are photographed.

        The unit also compiles traffic impact studies for Lynn City Hall.














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