The Lynn Police Department has made auto theft a high priority and has assigned officers from the Criminal Investigation Division to concentrate solely on climbing theft rates within the city. The investigations include identifying and closely monitoring high theft areas. This is accomplished with a joint effort by uniformed and plain clothes officers. The department has also coordinated with outside agencies, such as the State Police and other local police departments, to identify suspects who are responsible for these thefts within the City of Lynn and surrounding communities.

    The Lynn Police Department would like to alert the community with some easy steps to aid in preventing their vehicles from being targeted by these suspects.


Don’t become a victim of car theft

    *     Never leave your keys in the car or the ignition 
          (Even at your home).

    *     Always lock your car, do not leave car running while 
          you go into a store for a quick errand.

    *     Avoid parking in isolated areas, especially parking    
          lots that are not illuminated.

    *     “Never” hide spare keys inside your vehicle or under 
          the floor mats.

    *     Keep a copy of your registration for your vehicle in 
          your wallet. Keep your house keys and car keys on 
          separate key ring.

    *     If possible, purchase a anti-theft steering wheel 
          locking device. This will also deter a thief from 
          stealing an air bag from the steering wheel.


    A motor vehicle is the second most expensive investment you will make besides your home. Even with remote car alarms and other anti-theft devices, national reports estimate that a motor vehicle is stolen every 21 seconds in the United States. By following the steps above to minimize your chances of becoming a victim, you may avoid the headaches associated with losing your only means of transportation.

    If you know of someone who is involved in motor vehicle thefts, don’t hesitate to contact this office and report any information.