TOPIC:                        REGULATED SALES


KEY WORDS:            JUNK, PAWN

CODE:                        ORD VI-7



DATES:                      12/11/90, 08/12/80


ELEMENTS:             SECTION 1.  Requires license from City Council for the purchase, sale or barter of junk, old metals, second-hand articles, coins and stamps.

                                    SECTION 2.  Gives authority to the Police and City Council to inspect all articles of merchandise, and any place, vehicle or receptacle used for the collection or keeping of junk, old metals, second-hand articles, stamps or coins.

Requires sign to be posted in conspicuous space stating name and occupation.

SECTION 3.  Requires sign on vehicle used for the occupation to name owner and license number in at least 3-inch letters.

SECTION 4.  Requires record book written in English recording every receipt or purchase, a description of the article purchased, the name, age and residence of the person from whom purchased and the day and hour when such purchase was made.  Books open for inspection at any time by Police, City Council or their designee.

SECTION 5.  Prohibits purchase and barter of articles from minors.  Prohibits sale of articles received for one week from receipt and restrict hours of operation from 06:00 to 21:00.  Holds licensee accountable for employees.

SECTION 6.  Licenses expire May 1, City Council License Committee has power to revoke after hearing.

SECTION 7.  License incorporates ordinance and requires licensee to abide by the provisions.

SECTION 8.  Fee schedule.

SECTION 9.  Special license may be granted to residents for temporary sale up to ten days, fee $10.

SECTION 10.  Every person keeping a shop for purchase, sale or barter of coins, stamps gold or silver or second-hand articles, other than junk, books or furniture, purchased or received by any such person, shall be sold or otherwise disposed of, nor its form nor identity changed until at least 4 weeks from the date of its purchase or receipt have lapsed, unless permission in writing obtained from the Chief of Police or his designee, and who may request to observe and photograph such coins, gold or silver, stamps or second-hand articles.  In addition to the requirements of Section 4 herein, every person so licensed shall report all transactions under this Section to the Chief of Police upon request.


PENALTIES:             FINE - $50 per day for any provision violated after notice
                                    from the City Council or the Police.


NOTE:                         Sections 5 and 10 may be inconsistent in time property has to be held.