TOPIC :                       REGULATED SALES  


KEY WORDS:            MINORS

CODE:                         ORD VI-3



DATES:                       05/12/98


ELEMENTS:               “No person shall sell, exchange or distribute cigarette lighters and / or matches to a minor.”

                                    Minor is a person under the age of 18.

Person is  a person, employee, retail store manager or owner or operator of any establishment engaged in the sale, exchange, or distribution of cigarette lighters and matches.

                                    A person selling, exchanging or distributing cigarette lighters and / or matches shall request and examine identification from any purchaser suspected of being a minor, and shall positively establish the purchaser’s age as eighteen (18) years or older before allowing the purchase and / or distribution.

                                    Positive ID includes:  Mass. driver’s license, birth certificate with picture ID, two other similar forms of identification with one being a picture ID.


PENALTIES:               FINE – Not less than $100 for first offense,.

                                                   Not less than $200 for second offense.

                                                   Not less than $300 for third offense.


ENFORCEMENT:     Health and Fire Depts. shall be the enforcing authority of this ordinance.