TOPIC:                        REGULATED SALES

SUBJECT:                  SALE OF FOOD FROM M/V’S


CODE:                        ORD VI-11



DATES:                       02/14/95, 06/25/91, 04/23/91, 04/08/75, 11/12/74


ELEMENTS:               Unlawful for operator of motor vehicle to stop for the purpose of selling food or other merchandise from the motor vehicle 1,000 feet from any school from 07:00 to 15:00 while school is in session.

                                    Unlawful to advertise by loudspeaker, bell or other audible signal as above.

                                    Requires “STOP” and “PROCEED WITH CAUTION” signs on the arm of the vehicle, with two flashing green lights.  Two flashing green lights on front of vehicle.  Two flashing green lights on rear of vehicle.  Lights operating while legally parked engaged in business.

                                    Other motorists must come to a stop at least 10 feet away, and then proceed with caution while vehicle is displaying sign.

                                    Operator can only sell if legally parked and from the curbside.

                                    Hours of operation 05:00 to one hour after sunset.

                                    No music played after 21:00 or before 10:00 on Sunday.


PENALTIES:               Not defined


NOTE:                         Hours of operation are inconsistent.