TOPIC:                        REGULATED CONDUCT                                          



CODE:                        ORD  V-7


STATUTES:                C. 269, SS. 10(b), 12

DATES:                       01/10/95, 07/08/75


ELEMENTS:               “No person, except as provided by law, shall carry on his person, or under his control in a vehicle, including those weapons and instruments mentioned in Chapter 269 of the General Laws of Massachusetts, Section 10, in paragraph (b) and Section 12, any weapon or object commonly called “nun-chucks” of any substance or material, a shotgun having a barrel less than eighteen 18 inches in length, any saber, sword, or weapon of like or similar nature; any knife having any type of blade in excess of two and one-half (2 ˝ ) inches, (except when actually engaged in hunting or fishing or in going directly to and / or returning directly from such activities, or any employment which requires the use of any type of knife), ice picks, dirks, or similar weapons that are likely to penetrate through police officer’s ballistic bests, or other object tool so redesigned, fashioned, prepared or treated that the same may be used to inflict bodily harm or injury to another.”


PENALTIES:               RIGHT OF ARREST, FINE - $100 per offense. 
$300 if within a Park, playground or on
                                      school property