TOPIC :                       REGULATED CONDUCT


KEY WORDS:                    

CODE:                        ORD V-20



DATES:                       07/08/97, 10/08/96


ELEMENTS:               “No person under 18 years of age shall purchase, possess or use any tobacco product.”

                                    Excludes persons under 18 that must handle tobacco products during their employment.

                                    A person under 18 shall not misrepresent his or her age for the purpose of purchasing tobacco.

                                    Non criminal disposition available under C. 40 S. 21D, or criminal complaint filed at the appropriate venue.


PENALTIES:               Immediate confiscation of tobacco products.

                                    1st Offense:  Successful completion of the Lynn 
                                    Community Health’s Smoking Cessation Program 
                                    within a two (2) month period of the violation.  
If said program is not completed within a  two (2) month 
                                    period a $100 fine will be imposed.

2nd Offense:  $100 fine or successful completion of 20 hours of community service.

3rd and Subsequent Offense:  $100 fine.


ENFORCEMENT:     Enforcement of this ordinance shall be implemented by the Lynn Board of Health, it’s agents, designees or appointees and the Lynn Police Department.

                                    City Clerk or his designee, the Parking Dept. and the Health Dept. can act as fine collector.

                                    Department of Community Development will administer, enforce and oversee, at its discretion any and all persons deemed by the Lynn Board of Health to participate in Community service.