TOPIC :                       REGULATED CONDUCT                            



CODE:                        ORD  V-13


STATUTES:                C. 45, S. 24, C. 90, S. 22C, C. 272, S. 59

DATES:                       11/18/97


ELEMENTS:               SECTION 1.  Hours of operation. 

Dawn to Dusk unless otherwise posted.

                                    SECTION 2.  Public Property and water quality protection.

                                    Prohibits persons engaging in the following activities unless permitted by legislation, special regulation or permit from Park or Water & Sewer Commissions.

A.     All acts which pollute or tend to pollute the water supply are prohibited.

B.     Littering or disposal of refuse is prohibited.

C.     No person shall fish, swim, bathe, boat, or permit any animal under his / her control in the waters.

D.     Going upon the ice, cutting or taking the ice, or driving animals upon the ice.

E.      Removal or damage to any structure, sign, plant, tree or natural feature is strictly prohibited.

F.      No fires are permitted.  No person shall use smoking materials during periods of extreme fire hazard as determined and posted by the Park Rangers or other agents.

G.     No person shall remove or disturb historic artifacts.

H.     Possession of metal detectors in Lynn Woods Reservation is prohibited.

SECTION 3.  Vehicles.

A.     Any unauthorized motor vehicles including motorized all-terrain vehicles, buggies, wheeled vehicles, and snowmobiles, registered or unregistered, found within the Lynn Woods Reservation are prohibited and shall be deemed forfeited, and shall be disposed of as provided in C. 90, S. 22C.

B.     Parking is prohibited, except in Great Woods Road and Pennybrook Road parking lots.

SECTION 4.  Recreational activities.

A.     Camping, grills, stoves, and fires are prohibited, except with permit.

B.     No person shall discharge or have in his / her possession any dangerous weapon, bow and arrows, firearms, air rifles, bb guns, paint ball guns, sling shots, fireworks, or any explosive.

C.     No person may hunt, shoot, trap or otherwise harm animals or birds in Lynn Woods Reservation.

D.     Possession or use of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances is prohibited.

E.      The Lynn anti-noise pollution ordinance is applicable to Lynn Woods Reservation and shall be enforced.

F.      Games shall be played in designated areas only.

G.     No person shall engage in repelling, or climbing any structure or tree in Lynn Woods Reservation, unless permission thereof is given by the Board of Park Commissioners.

H.     Groups of 15 or more people need a special-use permit.

SECTION 5.  Trail Recreation.

A.     Within the Lynn Woods Reservation bicycles are:

1.      Prohibited on the reservation from January 1 – April 15, unless otherwise posted.

2.      Permitted only on the main roads, white blazed, or blue blazed from April 15 – December 31.

3.      Prohibited riding off-trail (i.e. through the forest not following roads or marked trails.

4.      Prohibited from riding on trails posted as “foot traffic only” or other designation.

B.     Within the Lynn Woods Reservation horses are:

1.      Permitted on main roads only.

2.      Horseback riders must ride single file on right-hand side of main roads.

3.      Horseback riders must not run horses.

4.      An experienced rider must accompany inexperienced riders.

C.     Marking trails, trees, rocks or anything in Lynn Woods Reservation with any materials, without the authorization and supervision of the Park Rangers is prohibited.

D.     Damaging, destroying or removing any barriers, signs, erosion control structures, or any other trail feature is prohibited.

E.      Bicyclists must yield right of way to pedestrians and horseback riders.

SECTION 6.  Commercial purposes.

A.     No person shall sell, keep, offer, or expose for sale, any goods, wares, merchandise, newspapers or solicit or collect subscriptions or contributions unless permission thereof is given by the Board of Park Commissioners.

B.     No commercial signs, notices, or leaflets or any kind are permitted.

C.     No gambling, lotteries, raffles, and games of chance are allowed.

SECTION 7.  Animal control.

A.     The Lynn ordinance requiring dogs to be restrained is applicable to Lynn Woods Reservation.

B.     No person shall capture, trap, or release animals, except with permit and notification of Park Ranger.

C.     Dog owners are responsible for removing fecal waste left by the owner’s dog on any road, trail, parking lot, field, or other public way found in the Lynn Woods Reservation.

SECTION 8.  Public Assembly.

A.        Public assemblies or events require a special-use permit from the Board of Park Commissioners.

B.         Group assemblies may be required to provide sanitary facilities, appropriate supervision if children are involved, insurance coverage, police protection, and any other such requirements as deemed necessary by either the Board of Park Commissioners or Lynn Water & Sewer Commission.

C.        Groups may be required to submit a $240 deposit for clean up after the event, and are required to leave the site(s) in the condition in which it was found.

SECTION 9.  Laws, regulations and limitations.

A.     All persons in Lynn Woods Reservation shall obey the lawful directions of regulatory signs, Rangers, Police Officers, Dog Officer, or Lynn Water & Sewer Commission employees, and Park Commissioners.

B.     All Federal, State and Local by-laws, ordinances and regulations must be observed and shall be enforced.

C.     The Board of Park Commissioners and / or Lynn Water & Sewer Commission reserve the right to prohibit acts that are not specified herein which harm Lynn Woods Reservation or the reservoirs.

PENALTIES:               Right of Arrest

FINE – Not more than $200 per violation


NOTE:                         The fine for each violation shall not be more than $200 for each violation thereof, as provided in C. 45, S. 24, as amended by C. 211 of the Acts of 1977.

Person violating the foregoing may be arrested under C. 272, S. 59 of the M.G.L., or as provided for in local ordinances contained herein.