TOPIC:                        REGULATED CONDUCT

SUBJECT:                  LOITERING


CODE:                        ORD  V-12



DATES:                       11/27/90, 10/14/86, 04/28/81, 11/14/78, 06/11/74


ELEMENTS:               “No person or group of persons shall saunter or loiter in a street, sidewalk, school yards, parks and playgrounds, or other public place in such a manner as to unreasonably obstruct or endanger pedestrians or vehicular traffic or in a manner likely to cause a breach of the peace or incite a riot; but nothing in this section shall be construed to curtail, abridge or limit the right or opportunity of any person to exercise the right of peaceful persuasion guaranteed by [C. 149, S. 24] or to curtail, abridge or limit the intendment of any statute of the Commonwealth…”

                                      “’Loitering’ shall mean remaining idle in essentially one location and shall include the concept of spending time idly; to be dilatory; to linger; to stay; to saunter; to delay; to stand around and shall also include the colloquial expression ‘hanging around’.”


PENALTIES:               FINE - $100 per offense

                                    COMMUNITY SERVICE – Min. 25 hrs, Max. 50 hrs.