TOPIC :                       TRAFFIC



CODE:                        ORD IV-8



DATES:                      05/25/82


ELEMENTS:               SECTION 1. 

A.     The owner Of a passenger vehicle having a capacity of less than one (1) ton so garaged who resides on an estate abutting the street where he intends to park may file with the Parking Dept. his intention to park at such estate.

B.     Evidence of notice is the resident parking sticker displayed on lower left corner of passenger side front door window.  Sticker to state registration number and address where principally garaged.  Stickers valid for 1 year, expire June 30th.

C.     Applications require name, address, vehicle make, color, year, and registration number.  Registration certificate marked on back upon issue of sticker.  Stickers to be signed by Parking Director.

D.     Sticker entitles bearer to park in immediate area of residence provided there is a space available.  Must be a legal space, does not permit parking at a meter or restricted zone.

Two portable visitor permits go with

All residents not owning motor vehicles are allowed 2 visitor permits.

E.      Residency parking in effect in immediate proximity of any area zoned heavy industrial, light industrial or hospital under Sec. 18 of the Zone Ordinance, and any heavily used body of water.  Ordinance Committee can set other areas after public hearing.

F.      Fee of $2 per household for sticker through Parking Dept.




NOTE:                         Known as Article V, Section 12A of Traffic Regulation for City of Lynn.