TOPIC :                       MOTOR VEHICLES



CODE:                        ORD IV-6

AGENCIES:                POLICE


DATES:                       09/15/82


ELEMENTS:               SECTION 1.  Ordinance relative to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

A.     The purpose of this ordinance is to reduce any and all safety hazards for pedestrians and vehicular traffic and also for the safety of those workers who are engaged in work upon, in or above the streets and / or sidewalks within the City of Lynn.

B.     Any contractor, sub-contractor, construction company, etc. engaged in any work in, upon of above any street sidewalk within the City of Lynn which will affect pedestrian of vehicular traffic in any way is hereby required to obtain the services of a Police Officer of the City of Lynn for such detail to be present during the entirety of the said work.

C.     The Chief of Police of his designee shall determine whether or not such work detail presents a safety hazard to pedestrians or motor vehicles or to the workers themselves.

D.     It shall be incumbent upon the company doing work to see that any openings or any equipment left behind when no worker is present, is properly enclosed so as not to present a danger to pedestrians of vehicle traffic.  At dusk it shall be required to provide some type of flashing light or lights or some reflective device to be in constant operation.  During the daylight hours it shall be required that some suitable type of barrier be placed around the opening or equipment hereinbefore mentioned.

SECTION 2.  Contractors etc. required complying with the ordinance prior to commencement of work.  Failure to comply shall result in penalty of $25 and / or forfeiture of any bond posted for such work and also the immediate termination of the work.


PENALTIES:               FINE -  $25, termination of work, forfeiture
                                                   of bond.