Ord III-3

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TOPIC:                        LICENSES, PERMITS & FEES 

SUBJECT:                 BLASTING


CODE:                        ORD III-3

AGENCIES:               FIRE DEPT.

STATUTES:               C. 148, S. 9, 10, 527 CMR 13.00

DATES:                      03/04/86, 02/13/73


ELEMENTS:               Fire Dept. has enforcement authority under C. 148, S. 10A.

                                    At least $1 million insurance bond to be posted

                                    Notice to abutters to 500 feet, public hearing required.

                                    Survey of existing conditions required.

                                    No blasting before 09:00 or after 16:00

                                    Exemption for Public Properties.


PENALTIES:               FINE - $500 per blast


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