TOPIC:                        LICENSES, PERMITS & FEES                                                 

SUBJECT:                  YARD SALES


CODE:                        ORD III-23

AGENCIES:               CITY CLERK


DATES:                      03/10/98, 04/28/87, 03/22/77, 11/14/78


ELEMENTS:               Yard sales are governed under Use Regulations subsection 9 section 4 of the Zone Ordinance.

The conducting of “Yard” sales by the resident owner or a tenant with permission of the owner no more than twice within a calendar year; but only after requesting and receiving a permit from the City Clerk.  Non-profit organizations may apply not more than four times a year.  An alternate date such as a rain date, shall be submitted with each application.  The permit shall not exceed 3 consecutive days.  The fee for permit shall be $10.

Applications and permits from City Clerk must be displayed in a conspicuous place.

Individuals over 65 years are exempt from the permit fee.


PENALTIES:               FINE - $25 per day per violation.


NOTE:                         Ordinance excerpts from Zone Ordinace, ? of completeness.