TOPIC:                        LICENSES, PERMITS & FEES                                      



CODE:                        ORD III-22



DATES:                       06/18/85, 06/06/82, 04/07/81, 11/16/75


ELEMENTS:               SECTION 2.  Definition.  Licensee: A person under the provision of a Class 2 License to buy and sell Second Hand Motor Vehicles.

                                    SECTION 3.  No person shall be licensed to buy and sell second hand motor vehicles unless he has filed with his application a statement certifying that such business will be his principal business and to be conducted on the licensed premises.

                                    SECTION 4.  Application requires plot plan, service area for at least one car, display area for at least 5 cars.

                                    SECTION 5.  Abutters to be notified before license are issued.

                                    SECTION 6.  Automobile repairs restricted to those cars offered for sale, not for general public under this license.  Auto body and painting not allowed under repairs under this license.

                                    SECTION 7.  Licensee must record Dealer plates with City Clerk.  Repair plates not acceptable under this license.  License revoked if not completed within 30 days.

                                    SECTION 8.  All lots must be hot-topped or cement.  No vehicles parked within 5 feet of sidewalk or public way or building.

                                    SECTION 9.  No temporary office space will be allowed such as small buildings without proper sanitary facilities, or trailers on wheels or blocks.

                                    SECTION 10.  Ordinance does not deny any right or privilege granted by statute governing this type of business.

                                    SECTION 11.  Failure of licensee to conform to the regulations contained in this ordinance shall be deemed cause to suspend or revoke the license.

                                    SECTION 12.  All licensees must comply by 01/01/77

                                    SECTION 13.  Dealer can extend sales area with permission of City Council or City Clerk.

                                    SECTION 14.  The number of Second Class Dealers’ Licenses in the City of Lynn shall be limited to a total of Thirty-five (35).

                                    SECTION 15.  Fee of $50 for First, Second or Third Class licenses.


PENALTIES:               License suspension, revocation