Ord III-21

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TOPIC:                        LICENSES PERMITS & FEES

SUBJECT:                  DOOR TO DOOR SALES


CODE:                        ORD III-21



DATES:                      05/23/86?


ELEMENTS:               No person, either by himself or by his employees, traveling either by foot, wagon, automobile, motor truck or other type of conveyance, from place to place, from house to house, street to street, taking or attempting to take orders for sale of goods, wares and merchandise, personal property of any nature whatsoever for future delivery, or for services to be furnished or performed in the future, whether such person has, carries or exposes for sale, a sample of the subject or such sale or whether he is collecting advance payments on such sales or not, within [Lynn] shall do so without first obtaining written permission from the License Committee hearing.

                                    Exempts school and organized youth groups.

                                    No person shall engage in the activities described above from 21:00 to 09:00.


PENALTIES:               FINE Not to exceed $200 per offense.


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