TOPIC:                        LICENCES, PERMITS & FEES  



CODE:                       ORD III-20


STATUTES:              C. 101, SS. 9, 32, LYNN ZONE ORDINANCE

DATES:                     04/25/89, 05/14/85


ELEMENTS:               SECTION 2.  License required Application. 

                                    Requires transient vendors to acquire a license from the City Clerk before making any sale of goods, wares or merchandise in the city.

                                    Definition of transient vendor from C. 101, S. 1.

                                    License fee of $1,000 is in force as long as the continuous exposure for sale and expires Jan. 1 of the following year.

                                    All open-air stands require Council approval under Sections 4 and 12 of the Zone Ordinance.

                                    Each license is for one location, no copies used by other persons.

                                    SECTION 3.  State license required, Display.

                                    Need state license C. 101, S. 3 before local license.

                                    Any licensee who fails, neglects or refuses to exhibit a license granted under the provisions under this ordinance or MGL when same is demanded to be displayed by the Sealer of Weights and Measures, agents of the Health Dept. or a police officer shall be subject to the same penalty as if the person had no license. (C. 101, SS. 9, 32).

                                    SECTION 4.  Revocation.  City Clerk has authority to revoke license for violation of any ordinance or law that would make the person unfit for the license.

                                    SECTION 5.  Christmas Tree sales.

                                    Requires a license for open sale of Christmas trees, wreaths, flowers and decorations.

                                    Exempts persons assessed or liable for personal property taxes.

                                    Exempts sales on property owned by Council determined religious, fraternal and charitable organizations.

                                    Exempts persons declared to be blind under C. 6, S. 133, 135.

                                    SECTION 6. Door to door sales.  See note.

                                    SECTION 7.  Standing.  No hawker or peddler shall, on a street of the city and while offering or exposing goods, wares, or other merchandise for sale, remain in one place, or within two hundred feet thereof, for longer than 5 minutes, unless actually engaged in making a sale.


PENALTIES:               FINE - $50 per violation.          


NOTE:                         Police Chief had authority to grant and charge door to door licenses under Section 6.  Similar ordinance passed sometime near 05/23/86 requires City Council permit.  See Door to Door sales.

                                    Ordinance 04/25/89 (ORD III-21) refers to Section 7 but is silent to the standing provision.