TOPIC:                        LICENSES, PERMITS & FEES                                      



CODE:                        ORD III-19


STATUTES:               C. 98, S. 45

DATES:                      06/11/96, 07/25/95, 02/14/95, 11/27/90, 11/14/89, 05/25/89,  
 05/22/84, 08/12/80, 06/13/78, 07/13/76, 06/12/75


ELEMENTS:               SECTION 2.  Definition.  Conveyance for hire wherein a meter is used.  C. 98, S. 45.

                                    SECTION 3.  No person, firm or corporation shall allow any person to operate, pick up and discharge any person within the City of Lynn unless such taxicab is licensed by the City Council Committee on Licenses

                                    SECTION 4.  Requires 1 metal medallion per vehicle used as a taxi.  50 medallions issued.  $500 for new medallions, $100 for annual renewal.  Nothing other than the medallion, Mass. registration plate and company phone number on back of taxi.

                                    SECTION 5.  Licenses expire on Feb. 1.

                                    SECTION 6.  Requires certificate of insurance, C. 175, SS. 12, 13, 47.

                                    SECTION 7.  Insurance policy requirements.  $5,000 injury of death of one person, $10,000 for multiple injuries or deaths.

                                    SECTION 8.  Plate or placard issued with each license to be attached to the interior of the vehicle in occupant’s view.  Plate to have “Taxi Vehicle License, Lynn, Mass.” and the license number.

                                    SECTION 9.  “No person having charge of or driving a taxicab shall refuse to carry any person asking to be carried as a passenger therein, unless the person is drunk or disorderly.

                                    SECTION 10.  “No person driving a taxicab shall refuse to extinguish any lighted cigarette, cigar or pipe at the request of any passenger.”

                                    SECTION 11.  “No taxicab shall be allowed to stand or to wait for passengers in any street, square or public place, except on such portions thereof and during such hours as may be designated therefor by said Committee on Licenses.  Said Committee on Licenses may from time to time designate locations in streets, squares and public places where, and the hours during which, such vehicles may so stand, and may cancel or change such locations or hours as and whenever public interest seem to require such change.

                                    SECTION 12.  All public stands shall be plainly marked and shall be free and accessible to all taxicabs licensed by the City.

                                    SECTION 13.  “No driver shall park his car in a double line at a public stand, nor shall any driver park his vehicle in such a manner as to interfere with traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian, at any location.  Such enforcement shall be by the Police Department and or Parking Department.” 

                                    A placard shall be posted in the interior of all taxicabs, so as to be plainly visible to occupants there, bearing the words “With proper I.D., Senior Citizens (65 years and older) are entitled to a 25 percent fare discount.  Please ask driver.”

                                    SECTION 14.  “No taxicab shall be stopped to take on or to discharge passengers at any place on any street except at the curb; nor shall any person be permitted to sit or ride upon any fender, dash, step, running boards, top or door of any such taxicab.

                                    SECTION 15.  “Every person having charge of or driving a taxicab shall deliver any article left therein by any passenger to the Chief of Police not later than twenty-four hours after finding the same and a shall receive from him a receipt therefor; and, said Chief of Police shall take proper steps to return the same to the owner.  All such articles delivered to said Chief of Police and not claimed by the owner within one (1) year from such delivery shall be given to the licensee of the vehicle in which they were left.

                                    SECTION 16.  “No person operating a taxicab shall establish and maintain therefor, any route between fixed terminal under reduced fare calculated to compete with motor bus or street railway service.

                                    SECTION 17.  Prohibits charging higher rates than are fixed by License Committee.

                                    SECTION 18.  All taxicab drivers are subject to rules promulgated by the License Committee.

                                    SECTION 19.  “No person shall charge any passenger or passengers therein any higher rate than the following:

                                    First mile or any fraction thereof………………..$2.85

                                    Each additional ¼ mile or fraction thereof……...$ .50

                                    Increase in zones………………………………...$ .35

                                    Waiting time per hour…………………………..$17.00

A twenty-five percent (25%) discount under the Senior Citizen’s discount program will be available and given on all fares charge in the City of Lynn and the Towns of Swampscott and Nahant.

SECTION 20.  Prohibits owners of taxicabs to permit anyone to drive a taxi unless he has a license from the License Committee, fee of $10.  Requires drivers to be residents of Mass. and citizen of U.S. or declared intention to become citizen, and Mass. operator’s license.

SECTION 21.  Authority of License Committee to grant annual licenses.

SECTION 22.  Prohibits sale, transfer or assignment of medallion without Committee’s consent.

SECTION 23.  “The driver must provide a waybill to the owner who must keep, on a form approved by the Committee on Licenses, and produce upon demand of the same or the Inspector of Taxicabs or any officer, a record of all trips made by said vehicle containing all information requested on form approved by the Chief of Police for a period of each calendar day, said forms to be held for ninety (90) days.

SECTION 24.  All trade names used by licensed owners shall be approved by the Committee on Licenses.

SECTION 25.  Any licensee who shall cease to be the operator of a taxicab shall at once surrender his license to the Committee of Licenses.

SECTION 26.  Requires owners to be at least 21 yrs. old and operators must be at least 18 yrs. old. Prohibits those who have been addicted to alcohol or drugs during the past 5 years.  Committee’s discretion on criminal and driving record with annual checks.

SECTION 27.  The Committee on Licenses shall refuse a license for, or, if already issued, revoke or suspend the license of any taxicab found by him to be unfit or unsuited for public patronage.

SECTION 28.  Requires owners to keep taxis clean and sanitary and mechanically fit.  Owners to inspect once a week, DPW to inspect annually, May 1 – June 1.  Card in taxi to with statement that complaints should be directed to the License Committee.

SECTION 29.  “It shall be the duty of the City of Lynn police officers to observe the movements of taxicabs, especially at night, and at all times to see that the rules governing such taxis and their drivers are obeyed.  Licensed drivers shall be respectful to and are requested to answer fully and civilly any questions put to them by police officers in the performance of their duty.

SECTION 30.  The Committee on Licenses will regard as unsuited to hold a license, any driver who violates any State of Federal liquor law, within the past five (5) years including the use and distribution of any type of drugs, or who gives direction, information or service to a man or woman seeking a place of a person for immoral purposes, or any driver who offers such direction, information or service.

SECTION 31.  “Every driver of any licensed taxicab shall report to the police station any suspicious actions of passengers or conditions which he may observe.”

SECTION 32.  “Every driver having charge of a taxicab shall have with him his Taxi driver’s license, and a copy of these rules and regulations to be shown to a passenger on request, and shall have in an easily accessible place in the vehicle, the license for such vehicle.  A copy available at every taxi company.  All drivers upon being granted a license, shall be given said rules and regulations, and upon receipt that they understand, they must sign for a copy of said rules and regulations pertaining to taxis.

SECTION 33.  “Every driver having charge of a licensed taxicab in a public place shall be suitably dressed, neat and clean in appearance.”

SECTION 34.  Lost taxi licenses to be reported to Inspector of Taxicabs, $5 replacement fee.

SECTION 35.  Receipts to be given to passenger upon request or dispute in fare.  Receipt to have driver’s name and license number, date and time of receipt, origin and destination, and amount of received.

SECTION 36.  The local authorities shall, whenever there is a violation or any law or ordinance, give to the driver, a citation.  The Committee shall have the authority to strip a driver of his credentials consisting of badge and driver’s license card, if warranted.  “Police officers are to make a report of all facts connected with any arrest or violation.”

SECTION 37.  The Committee has authority to suspend of revoke license after a hearing initiated by a  complaint from the  public or a police officer.  License shall be suspended or revoked if violation occurred while driving the taxi, and the taxi shall not be used during such suspension or revocation.

SECTION 38.  “Any person or corporation violating any of the provisions of the foregoing sections shall forfeit and pay a fine not exceeding Fifty ($50.00) Dollars for each offense; and, any licensed owner or driver who violates any of the provisions of the foregoing sections shall, in addition to said penalty, thereupon become liable to suspension of forfeiture of his license, and may be disqualified to hold a license thereafter.”

SECTION 39.  Repeal of prior regulations.

SECTION 40.  All licensed taxicabs shall have sealed meters approved by the Sealer of Weights & Measures.


PENALTIES:               FINE- Not more than $50, suspension, 


NOTE:                         Incorporates ordinances 05/23/33, 07/09/57, 06/10/69, 06/12/75, 07/13/76, 08/12/80, 05/22/84, 04/25/89, 11/27/90.