TOPIC:                        LICENSES, PERMITS & FEES                                                 


KEY WORDS:            TAX DELINQUENTS         

CODE:                        ORD III-18



DATES:                      06/21/94, 04/08/86


ELEMENTS:               SECTION 2.  “The City of Lynn may deny any application for, revoke or suspend any local license or permit including renewals and transfers issued by any board officer, department or person, corporation or business enterprise, who has neglected to pay any local taxes, fees, betterments or any other municipal charges or with respect to any activity, event or matter is carried out or exercised on or about real estate whose owner has neglected or refused to pay any local taxes, fees, assessments, betterments or any other municipal charges.  Any City of Lynn licensing authority may deny, revoke, suspend any license or permit, including renewals and transfers of any party whose name appears on said list furnished to the licensing and the tax collector; provided however, that written notice is given to the party and the tax collector, as required by applicable provisions of law, and the party is given a hearing, to be held not earlier than fourteen days after said notice.”

                                    SECTION 3.  Tax Collector of responsible department shall annually furnish a list of all tax delinquents to any licensing authorities.  Delinquency based on not less than twelve months and has not applied for abatement.

                                    SECTION 4.  Delinquency list is prima facie evidence for denial, revocation or suspension after proper notice and hearing.  Licenses terminated for delinquency not to be renewed until certificate issued by Tax Collector.

                                    SECTION 5.  Licenses can be conditioned on payment agreement.

                                    SECTION 6.  City Council may intervene and allow license where there is no direct or indirect connection between license holder and tax delinquent.

                                    SECTION 7.  Exemptions.  Open burning, C. 48, S. 13, Bicycle permits, C. 85, S. 11A, Charitable sales, C. 101, S. 33, Child work permits, C. 149, S. 69, Club license, C. 140, S. 21E, Dog licenses, C. 140, S. 137, Fishing, hunting and trapping, C. 131, S. 12, Marriage license, C. 207, S. 28, Theatrical events, C. 140, S. 181.

                                    SECTION 8.  City Council can exclude local licenses and permits.


PENALTIES:               License denial, revocation, and