TOPIC :                       BUILDINGS AND CONSTRUCTION                                        


KEY WORDS:             PLANTS

CODE:                         ORD II-7

AGENCIES:                HEALTH DEPT.


DATES:                       09/11/79, 09/24/68


ELEMENTS:               SECTION 1.  “Any weeds such as jimson, burdock, ragweed, thistle, cocklebur, or other weeds of a like kind, found to be growing in any lot or tract of land in the city are hereby declared to be a nuisance, and it shall be unlawful to permit any such weeds to grow or remain in any such place.

                                    SECTION 2.  “It shall be unlawful for anyone to permit any weeds, grass or plants, other than trees, bushes, flowers, or other ornamental plants to grow to a height which would be declared a health hazard to the inhabitants of the City of Lynn by the Commissioner of the Department of Public Health of the City of Lynn.

                                    SECTION 3.  “It shall be the duty of the Commissioner of the Department of Public Health to serve of cause to be served a notice upon the owner or occupant of any premises on which weeds or plants are permitted to grow in violation of the provisions of this ordinance and to demand the abatement of the nuisance within ten days.

                                    SECTION 4.  Abatement.  If the person served does not abate the nuisance within 10 days, the City can abate the nuisance and charge the owner for the expense.

                                    SECTION 5.  Lien.  Charges for weed removal constitute a lien upon the premises.  City can file lien claim with Registry of Deeds in not paid within 60 days.

                                    SECTION 6.  Foreclosure of lien.  “Property subject to a lien for unpaid weed cutting charges shall be sold for nonpayment of same and the proceeds of such sale shall be applied to pay the charge after deducting costs, as in the case of statutory liens.  Such foreclosure shall be in equity in the name of the city.  The city attorney is hereby authorized and directed to institute such proceedings, in the name of the city, in any court having jurisdiction over the matter, against any property or which such bill has remained unpaid sixty days after it has been rendered.”


PENALTIES:               FINE - $100 per day.  Lien.