The Lynn Police Department Juvenile Unit currently consists of a supervising lieutenant, a juvenile detective, and a safety officer, who all perform a variety of functions within the community.

    In addition to investigations the Juvenile Unit provides a range of services to the youth of our city. The safety officer oversees the City's crossing guards responsible for the safety of elementary school children traveling to and from school. This officer also performs bus evacuation drills twice a year for approximately 15,000 students, coordinates with the school transportation  director on school bus routes, and participates in activities with the children of Camp Kiwanis during the summer months. The safety officer also speaks with approximately 6,000 students yearly on issues of bullying, respect, gun safety, bicycle safety, drugs, and other topics as requested.

    The Juvenile Unit also plays a key role in our drug reduction efforts, particularly with education and prevention efforts aimed at school age children. As part of this effort they are currently working with the U.S. Attorney's Office, the District Attorney, the Lynn District Court Adult and Juvenile Probation Departments, and the Lynn Public Schools on a program to educate middle school students about the dangers of drugs and the long term consequences of bad decisions.

 The Juvenile Unit is also responsible for the investigation and tracking of missing persons reported to our department. This includes both adults and juveniles. The Unit has an extremely high success rate in locating the large number of juveniles, and smaller number of adults, who are reported missing each year.



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