Jesus De La Cruz

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Missing Child
Last seen Saturday, September 28, 1996

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Jesus De La Cruz

Case Number: NCMC823722

                   Address:    22 Park Street, 1st floor, Lynn, MA  01905

                     Height:    4' 00''

                     Weight:    60- 70 lbs.

                   Hispanic:    Light Complexion

                         Hair:    Dark Brown, short haircut

    Last seen wearing:    White T-shirt, blue jeans, brown/yellow boots

Distinguishing marks:    Scar above left eye, pierced left ear


Updated - 07/2001

Age Progression by NCMEC  07/06/2001

Child's Photo is shown age-progressed to 11 years.


UPDATED - 10/07/2004

    Age Progression by NCMEC  08/19/2004

Child's Photo is shown age-progressed to 14 years.


Updated 02/19/2008

Age Progression by NCMEC  12/04/2007


Jesus' photo is shown age-progressed to 17 years.



Updated 09/29/2009

Age Progression by NCMEC


Jesus' photo is shown age-progressed to 19 years. He was last seen walking on Park Street in Lynn, Massachusetts on September 28, 1996. Jesus has a scar above his left eye and a birthmark on his left calf and on the left side of his forehead. His left ear is pierced.





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