Halloween Safety Tips 
for a Safe and Happy Halloween



     Tips For Adults


Having a safe and happy Halloween in mostly common sense but as adults, we need to keep our children on the right track and let them know that even though Halloween is a fun, magical and happy holiday, it can have a bad side as well. Some kids and adults think this is a time to do harmful, bad things, destroy property and harm animals. Please let your kids know this is not acceptable behavior! Keep Halloween a fun, happy and safe night that your kids will never forget and will encourage them to  keep the tradition going for years to come.


Know the route your kids will be taking if you aren't going with them.


The best bet is to make sure that an adult is going with them. If you can't take them, see if another parent or a teen-aged sibling can go along.


Know what other activities a child may be attending, such as parties, school or mall functions.


Make sure you set a time that they should be home by. Make sure they know how important it is for them to be home on time.


Explain to children the difference between tricks and vandalism. Throwing eggs at a house may seem like fun but they need to know the other side of the coin as well, clean up and damages can ruin Halloween. If they are caught vandalizing, make them clean up the mess they've made.


Explain to your kids that animal cruelty is not acceptable. Kids may know this on their own but peer pressure can be a bad thing. Make sure that they know that harming animals is not only morally wrong but also punishable by law and will not be tolerated.





Tips For Kids


Any time a child has an accident, it's tragic. The last thing that you want to happen is for your child to be hurt on a holiday; it would forever live in the minds of the child and the family. There are many ways to keep your child safe at Halloween, when they are more prone to accidents and injuries. The excitement of children and adults at this time of year sometimes makes them forget to be careful. Simple common sense can do a lot to stop any tragedies from happening.

Help your child pick out or make a costume that will be safe. Make if fire proof, the eyeholes should be large enough for peripheral vision.


If you set jack-o-lanterns on your porch with candles in them, make sure that they are far enough out of the way so that kids costumes won't accidentally be set on fire.


Make sure that if your child is carrying a prop, such as a scythe, butcher knife or a pitchfork, that the tips are smooth and flexible enough to not cause injury if fallen on.


Kids always want to help with the pumpkin carving. Small children shouldn't be allowed to use a sharp knife to cut the top or the face. There are many kits available that come with tiny saws that work better then knives and are safer, although you can be cut by them as well. It's best to let the kids clean out the pumpkin and draw a face on it, which you can carve for them.


Treating your kids to a spooky Halloween dinner will make them less likely to eat the candy they collect before you have a chance to check it for them.


Teaching your kids basic everyday safety such as not getting into cars or talking to strangers, watching both ways before crossing streets and crossing when the lights tell you to, will help make them safer when they are out Trick or Treating.


Make Halloween a fun, safe and happy time for your kids and they'll carry on the tradition that you taught them to their own families some day!





Tips For Throwing A Halloween Party


Having a Halloween party, either adult or for kids, is definitely great fun! In order to have things run smoothly and with no accidents, here are some tips that can be used to make your party more enjoyable.


If using dry ice in a punch bowl, make sure that the person serving keeps any dry ice chips out of drinks! It can cause severe injury if ingested.


If you are holding your party in your house, make sure that you move any breakable pieces of furniture or knick-knacks to another room where they can't get broken. A forgotten heirloom vase that hits the floor could ruin the night for you.


To keep things moving for either an adult party or child's party, make sure that you have some games, like a scavenger hunt or a murder mystery planned in advance.


If you are planning a party for your kids and their friends, see if you can get some of the other mothers to help out with the planning, baking and what ever else needs to be done. Make a block party out of it!


Whip up a batch of Halloween cupcakes the day before, have the kids help you out. Any treats or party food that can be made in advance is always a big help!


Having a pumpkin carving party on the night before Halloween can be a great way to start off the festivities. Adults, kids or both, you can have a wonderful time and get all your pumpkins carved at the same time!


Set up a table with treats, punch and goodies in your front yard if you live in a small neighborhood. Invite the children and their parents to stop by for refreshments, you'll start a small party right in your front yard! Just make sure you set up a nice yard haunt, too!




          Tips For Pet Safety


Leaving your pets outside on Halloween is not a god idea. There are plenty of tales of malicious people who tease, injure, steal, torture, even killed peoples pets on Halloween. Keep your cats or dogs inside for the night if you don't already do it.


As much as your dog or cat may beg for some of your Halloween candy, always remember that chocolate is deadly to them in any amount.


If you work in a pet store, remember that this is the time of year that can be deadly for black cats. Some sick people who play at being what they'll call a Satanist will buy them to "sacrifice" If you can, don't take any black cats or sell them during October.


The wrappers, such as tin foil, can get stuck in your pets digestive tract and make them ill or cause death. There are plenty of recipes for making home made dog and cat treats, you can always make them on a Halloween note.


Dogs can have lethal tails, wagging all over the place. Don't leave any lighted candles or Jack-O-Lanterns where they could be knocked over by a swinging tail or by a curious cat. Not only could your pet start a fire but also they could severely burn themselves in the process.


If you are going to dress your pet in a costume, keep in mind that unless the dog or cat is extremely receptive to this kind of thing, you could be causing it discomfort and stress. Some animals don't mind at all but others do not want to be bothered with this kind of thing. They'll be under enough stress with the festivities going on outside and people at the door constantly so don't cause them any more nervousness then you have to. You may love to dress in costume but then, you aren't a dog or a cat.


If you put a mask of some type on your animal, make sure that the eyeholes are big enough for them to see peripherally. Animals depend on their vision to let them know what's going on and even the nicest dog can get snippy if he can't see what's around him. In fact, masks really aren't a good idea.


If you are having an indoor party, make sure that you put your dog or cat in a room where they won't be disturbed. Unless your pet is ultra friendly and doesn't mind loud noises, music and lots of people you should keep them separate for the night. Also, be careful your cat or dog doesn't dart out through the open door as you hand out candy. Best bet is to just put them in a room with some food and water for the night and check on them once in a while to let them know everything is fine.


Remember, your pets can't tell you what's wrong and what bothers them. They are more easily frightened since they have no idea what's going on. Be sympathetic and treat them like you'd want to be treated if you were them!





Safety Tips For Trick-or-Treating


Trick or Treating should be one of the great adventures of Halloween for kids! They can get dressed in scary costumes and go door to door, begging "Tricks or Treats!" from neighbors or at the local mall. It should be a fun time, without trouble and pain, so following some easy tips can keep your child safe every Halloween.

Children should go out during daylight hours only unless accompanied by a responsible adult.


Plan a safe route so parents know where their older kids will be at all times. Set a time for their return home. Make sure that children are old enough and responsible enough to go out by themselves.


Let your children know not to cut through back alleys and fields. Make sure they know to stay in populated places and don't go off the beaten track. Stay in well lighted areas.


Stop only at familiar houses in your own neighborhood unless an adult accompanies them.


Small children should never be allowed to go out alone on Halloween. Make sure an older sibling or adult is with them.


Instruct your children not to eat any treats until they bring them home to be examined by you.


Instruct your child to never go into the home of a stranger or get into their car.


Make sure your child carries a flashlight, glow stick or has reflective tape on their costume to make them more visible to cars.


Let them know that they should stay together as a group if going out to Trick or Treat without an adult.





Tips For Costume Safety


Whether store bought or home made, Halloween costumes should be fun and scary yet safe. Below are some ideas to hazard-proof your Halloween fun. Costumes should be scary to those who see them, not those who wear them!


Costumes should be made of flame retardant material.


Costumes should be bright enough to be seen at night.


Make sure you work into your child's costume reflector strips, a flashlight or light stick to make them more visible at night.


Do not include high heel shoes or long dangling pieces of costume that your child could trip over.


If they are carrying a prop such as a scythe or sword, make sure they are made out of a flexible plastic that will bend if fallen on.


If your child is wearing a mask, make sure that the eyeholes are big enough for them to see not only in front but peripherally as well.


If you and your child are going out with a group, make their costume a unique one so you can spot them easily in a crowded area.


If you have more than one child, save costumes from year to year to pass down or to exchange with friends.




Tips For Running A Safe Haunt


When planning a yard haunt there are some things that you want to keep in mind for safety reasons. You want to make your haunt scary, possibly bloody and gory but when it comes to your visitors, you don't want the blood to end up being real. Here are some ideas that might help you make it safer.


The number one item is to get extra homeowners insurance for the nights that you will be allowing people to view your haunt. Nothing can spoil the fun more than a law suit because someone tripped and fell down. Most insurance companies can help you with the problem of extra insurance for the time needed, even if it's for a night. The expense eof a nights insurance will far out-weigh what it could end up costing you with out it!


When building your haunt, make sure that the walkways are far enough away from things so that people can't trip over them or hurt themselves. This also is good for you, this means that your visitors won't be able to ruin your props and sets. Some people just have to vandalize at this time of year and ruin it for others.


If you have a lot of Jack-O-Lanterns, you might want to try a battery powered light source or light sticks to light them instead of candles.  This cuts down on the fire hazards, such as catching costumes or props on fire.


If you do use real candles, make sure there is no chance of anything blowing into the flames, no cloth, crepe paper streamers or anything that could start a fire.


If you are using fake blood, make sure that it won't be coming in contact with anything stainable like visitors, pets and children. Not only is fake blood sticky but it can stain like crazy!


If you have a particularly gruesome haunt set up, make sure you have warning signs up so that those with a weak stomach can be forewarned.


If your haunt is going to be publicized, make sure that you get some volunteers to help with crowd control and public safety. Off duty police and fireman are often willing to help out.






Halloween Safety tips courtesy of  Halloween Online 
Halloween graphics courtesy of  Kids Domain