What is a Gang?


    The definition of a criminal street gang is “three or more persons having a common identifying sign or symbol or an identifiable leadership who continuously or regularly associate in the commission of criminal activities.



Kinds Of Gangs:


      There are basically four (4) types of Gangs:



A Delinquent Youth Gang is a loosely structured group of young people( mostly juveniles) who “hang out” together. The group has a name, and typically members have developed identifying signs such as similar clothing styles, colors, and/or hand signs. Members engage in delinquent or undesirable behavior with enough frequency to attract negative attention from Law Enforcement and/or school officials.


A Traditionally Turf-Based Gang is a loosely structured, named group committed to defending its reputation and status as a gang. IT is usually associated with a geographic territory but may simply defend its perceived interests against rival gangs. Members are young people( juveniles and/or adults) who typically use identifying signs such as clothing style, colors, tattoos or hand signs.The members usually mark their turf with graffiti.


A Gain-Oriented Gang is a loosely structured, named local group of young people (Juveniles and/or adults) who repeatedly engage in criminal activities for economic gain. On at least one occasion in the last year, two or more gang members have worked together in a gain-oriented criminal offense, such as burglary, robbery or the sale of a controlled substance.



Violent/Hate Gangs are a group (of juveniles and/or adults) that does not qualify as either a gain-oriented or a traditional turf-based gang, according to the definitions above. Typically, the group has developed identifying signs such as a style of dress, haircut, or insignia. Two or more of its members have, at least once in the last year, collectively committed an assault, a homicide, or an offense that could be reported under the federal HATE CRIMES ACT (Vandalism, assault, or homicide). This type of group whose violence has an ideological or religious rationale, such as racism or Satanism. This type also includes groups whose members are randomly or senselessly violent.




The terms “party”, “rave”, “crew”, “club” or “clique” are all commonly used by groups of juveniles who may or may not be involved in criminal gang activity. The fact that a group does not consider itself a gang does not mean that the group isn’t actually a gang; their behavior could be consistent with gang activities.




Signs of Gang Involvement:


Parents if you start to see a change in your children there are people to help… Contact the child’s school counselor or you can contact the police department at the numbers below.



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