Domestic Violence

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Some facts about domestic violence


  • A woman is battered in the United States every 15 seconds. 
    Domestic violence can strike any household.

  • One third of the homicides in this country are domestic violence 
    related. Domestic violence can be fatal.

  • National statistics indicate that as many as 50% of all women in 
    America experience violence in their intimate relationships. 
    Domestic violence is a fact.

  • Besides beatings, battering can involve threats of violence, 
    verbal abuse and/or sexual assault. Domestic violence is not 
    something anyone enjoys, asks for, or deserves.

  • Victims of domestic violence often feel isolated, powerless, 
    fearful, guilty, and dependent financially and/or physically. 
    Domestic violence can leave victims feeling trapped and unable 
    to help themselves.

  • Children who learn violence at home are at risk of continuing 
    the violence in their own relationships as adults, either as 
    batterers or as victims. Domestic violence can have long-term 
    effects on children.

  • Spousal abuse in Massachusetts is a crime and the batterer can 
    be sent to prison. Domestic violence is intolerable and must stop.



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