Chief of Police

Kevin F. Coppinger


Deputy Chief of Police

Kenneth L. Santoro


Deputy Chief of Police

Leonard E. Desmarais


Captain in charge of Administration

William Borders


Captain in charge of Detectives

Mark O'Toole


Captain in charge of Patrol

Christopher Reddy


Captain in charge of Professional Standards

Michael Mageary


Captain in charge of Support Services

Edward Blake


Division Commanders

Lt. David Brown

Lt. Lucas Dean

Lt. Peter Holey

Lt. Christopher Kelly

Lt. James Shorten


Confidential Assistant

Elizabeth A. Polonsky


Department Information

Intelligence Officer

Public Information Officer

Records Department


Unit Addresses

Criminal Investigation Division

Domestic Violence Unit

Gang Unit

Identification Unit

Insurance Fraud Bureau

Internal Affairs


Lynn Drug Task Force

Special Investigation Unit

Traffic Unit

Training Unit


Detail Officer

Jean O'Neill


Web Page Information

System Administrator