Utilize caller ID and call back unfamiliar customers. Verify the address and be suspicious of orders called in from cell phones. Get the first and last name of who called in the order.


                   Drivers should carry a cell phone and call the destination before arrival. After the delivery is made, call the store to verify the delivery and let them know where your next destination is.


                   If something doesnít seem right when you arrive at the destination (subjects loitering nearby, dark house, occupied vehicles) or someone else besides the person who called in the order answers a verification call, donít deliver, drive away.  Notify the store and ask that they contact the customer.


                   Donít put any advertisement signs on your vehicle identifying that you are a delivery driver. This shows that you are carrying money and makes you a target.


                   Donít leave your vehicle running when left unattended or out of the car making a delivery.


                   Make it known on all orders that the driver will be carrying less than $20 on all deliveries. Tips should be secured in a safe location at the store along with all personal items other than a drivers license.


                   Encourage the use of credit cards to pay orders.


                   If a robbery does occur, donít resist and comply with the robbers demands. Try to get an accurate description of the suspects and any vehicles they are in. Call 911 immediately. If it is safe to do so, remain nearby and wait for the police. Do not go to your next order or return to the store.