Community Liaison Team

        The Community Liaison Team (CLT) had originally been placed into the community back in 1995 during the Clinton Administration’s COPS (Community Oriented Police Services) grant program. At that time, the department had gradually increased its CLT Community Policing Program to approximately twenty officers. These officers were spread throughout the City of Lynn in various neighborhoods in an effort to combat crime and build a strong partnership with the community. Despite the successes of the CLT program and the great partnerships that had been formed with various neighbors, businesses, and city agencies, the CLT program was eventually disbanded in 2002 due to budget cuts across the country.


Charlie 6

Sergeant Glenn Dunnigan


        Lynn Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy worked closely with Chief Kevin F. Coppinger to get the CLT Unit back in the neighborhoods. In February of 2012, Chief Coppinger announced that four (4) CLT’s would be back in the community patrolling the neighborhoods on bikes, foot and cruisers. A few months later in June of 2012, two (2) more CLT Officers were added to the unit. Finally, in August of 2012, a Sergeant was appointed to head up the team and bring the complement of the unit up to seven. During 2012, the Community Liaison Team was able to reconnect with the residents in the various neighborhoods throughout the city. They were specifically assigned to a 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM shift that was deemed by the Chief to be the busiest time for crime activity.


Charlie 7

Officer Mike Gorman


Charlie 8

Officer Manny Gasca


        The mission of the CLT Unit is to develop crime prevention initiatives by working closely with the neighbors and businesses in identifying problems, establishing a partnership with them and the various city agencies to address the problems, and employing the philosophy of Problem Oriented Policing to help solve the problems. Each CLT Officer is assigned to a route that corresponds with the patrol car sector. The CLT is assigned a satellite office on the route and patrols the route on bicycle, cruiser or on foot.


Charlie 9

Officer Shawn Hogan


Charlie 10

Officer Manny Torres


        Over the past year the CLT’s have initiated, or a played a part in, over 100 arrests. These arrests included offenses ranging from default warrants, motor vehicle stops, drug charges, and public drinking among others.


Charlie 11

Officer Titou Kim


        The CLT Unit has rekindled its strong working relationship with the Lynn District Court Probation Department, Lynn Housing Authority & Development ( LHAND ), Lynn Fire Department, and the many other departments in City Hall that deal with problem properties, trash, and other quality of life issues. These partnerships have resulted in the agencies teaming up with the CLT’s to address the many issues throughout the neighborhoods. One method being the Code Enforcement Initiative whereby the CLT and city agencies visit problem properties and identify building code violations, trash, fire hazards, drug complaints, parking complaints and any other code violations.



Charlie 12

Officer Peter Alexander


        The CLT Unit also works very closely with the officers on the route so that they can share the necessary information needed for solving problems. Crime tips and other information about neighborhood problems come in to the department via “text a tip”, LPD Facebook page, voice mails, and other forms of social media. In addition to the close working relationship with the community, the CLT’s are also collaborating with the businesses and landlords throughout the city in addressing their concerns. Some CLT initiatives for the next year include working with the landlords and LHAND to better educate the landlords on tenant screening and addressing problem tenants. Others include working with business owners to address the panhandling and other “quality of life” issues.