Communications  /  Dispatch


Communications is one of the most important services within the Lynn Police Department. The police officers who serve as Communication Officers are responsible for maintaining the link between the public and the police officers in the field.   

It is the Communication Officers who typically have the first contact with the citizen, and the decisions that they make can dictate the entire department's response. The Communication Officer's job is to listen to the information offered by the caller, ask appropriate questions to discover the true nature of the call, assess the information quickly, and then make a decision on how to field the call.

All calls that require a police officer to respond are entered into the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system and prioritized. The calls are then dispatched by radio, or by computer to a mobile data terminal in the appropriate cruiser.

The Communication Officers handle all major radio broadcasts transmitted by the Lynn Police Department via the Boston Area Police Emergency Radio Network (BAPERN). They also handle the vast amount of tele-communications which are sent and received over the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) / Law Enforcement Agency Processing System (LEAPS) computer.