4th of July

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All fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts

Specifically... firecrackers, torpedoes, skyrockets, flares, candles,
 sparklers, color fire,  fountains, wheels,   mines, and serpents.

This list also includes the many generic named types of fireworks such as barrel bombs, cherry bombs, M-80's, M-100's, Quarter Sticks, Half Sticks, Roman Candles,
Bottle Rockets and many others.

Massachusetts General Law Chapter 148 Section 39
re: Sales, Possession, Use...


Should you see or know someone who fails to abide by the law in regard to fireworks, please read and understand the following safety precautions:

  •     Always read and follow label directions.

  •     Have an adult present.

  •     Buy from reliable sellers.

  •     Use outdoors only.

  •     Always have water handy (a garden hose and a bucket).

  •     Never experiment or make your own fireworks.

  •     Light only one firework at a time.

  •     Never re-light a "dud" firework (wait 15 to 20 minutes then soak it in a bucket of water).

  •     Never give fireworks to small children.

  •     If necessary, store fireworks in a cool, dry place.

  •     Dispose of fireworks properly by soaking them in water and then disposing of them in your trashcan.

  •     Never throw or point fireworks at other people.

  •     Never carry fireworks in your pocket.

  •     Never shoot fireworks in glass or metal containers.

  •     The shooter should always wear eye protection and never have any part of the body over the firework.

  •     Stay away from illegal explosives.

More Safety Tips and Information can be viewed at  the National Council on Fireworks Safety



In case of an emergency... Dial 9-1-1



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