Safe evacuation of a burning building


Officer Benjamin Chez
Officer David Hunter


     On March 26, 2014, at approximately 0715 hours, Lynn control received multiple 911 calls for a house fire on Henry Avenue, and dispatched several units to that location.

     Officer Benjamin Chez (Car 10) arrived within approximately one minute of being dispatched, followed closely by Officer David Hunter (Car 11), and reported heavy smoke and fire coming from the second floor of the home.  Without regard for their own safety, both officers then entered the burning three-story building, which contained six apartments; and started pounding on doors of the first floor. Due to the officers’ quick actions, they were able to notify and evacuate several residents as well as several dogs from the burning dwelling.

     After getting residents out of the first floor of the building, officers then encountered a resident they had already evacuated trying to return back inside to retrieve his belongings. This party had to be physically assisted out of the building again by Officer Chez.

     Officers Chez and Hunter then started to make their way up to the second floor, but were met with such heavy smoke, they were unable to make it any further inside. By that time, heavy fire was shooting out of the second floor of the building. Due to the extent of the fire and the fact that it was an occupied residential building with multiple apartments, the Lynn Fire Department immediately struck a second alarm, and eventually a third alarm for this fire. 

     Several of the news reporters who had arrived to report the fire had requested for permission to speak with these officers. The reporters had heard the officers’ radio transmissions on their police scanners as they were evacuating people of the building, and realized how chaotic a situation it was, even before the Fire Department arrived on the scene.

     Both Officer Chez and Officer Hunter displayed the highest level of bravery, as they  exposed themselves to great risk by running into a burning building in an effort to save the lives of others, with little to no regard of their own safety. The courage and dedication to duty displayed by these officers in the face of danger, while trying to help complete strangers, reflects greatly upon the City of Lynn, the Lynn Police Department and the officers themselves




Arrest of and armed and dangerous individual


Sergeant Edward Nardone

Detective Gary Hagerty


     On January 1, 2014, at approximately 2046 hours, Sergeant Edward Nardone and Detective Gary Hagerty were on proactive patrol, when Detective Hagerty observed a suspicious male party wearing a blue hoodie standing in front of a convenience store located in the area of Chestnut and Goodrich Streets.

     Sergeant Nardone and Detective Hagerty conducted surveillance of this suspect, who after approximately 3 minutes was observed fighting with another individual who was walking by.  The officers immediately intervened in the fight, and the second individual quickly fled on foot.  Detective Hagerty pursued the fleeing person while Sergeant Nardone remained with the suspect.  He ignored Sergeant Nardone’s commands to hold up, and when Sergeant Nardone then reached out for his arm, the suspect immediately went to his waist area, where it was later confirmed that he was carrying a loaded 380 caliber firearm.  Fearing for his safety, Sergeant Nardone placed the armed suspect on the ground and handcuffed him, with the assistance of Lieutenant Stephen Haberek, who had also arrived on scene.

     The individual that Detective Hagerty chased down told him that he was only defending himself, and that the armed suspect was flashing gang signs at him and threatening to kill him. It was later determined that this incident was most likely a gang initiation, which could have resulted in someone being shot and possibly killed, if not for the keen observation skills of Sergeant Nardone and Detective Hagerty. Their quick response and their ability to assess the situation showed a high degree of professionalism and dedication to duty.




Capture of three armed and dangerous suspects; and the safe recovery of illegal drugs, ammunition and a firearm



Sergeant Paul Cotter

Officer Michael Crosby

Officer Manuel Torres



On December 12, 2013, at approximately 0244 hours, the station received several calls for reports of shots being fired in the area of Chase and Baker Streets. Several Second Division cars responded to this call; including Officers Manuel Torres and Michael Crosby (Car 15), Officers Michael McEachern and Paul Holey (Car 17), Officer John Harkness (Car 9), Officers Joseph Curley and Pablo Figueroa (Car 14), as well as Sergeant Robert Avery and Sergeant Paul Cotter.   

Investigation by the responding officers led to the Franklin Street area.  The officers approached an apartment that they believed was occupied by known felons who had a history of engaging in violent crimes, including the use of firearms.  Upon arrival, Cars 9, 14 and 17 went to the rear, while Sergeant Cotter, Officer Crosby and Officer Torres made entry to the front of the building. As they pursued their investigation, they obtained a witness statement corroborating their belief that gunshots had recently been fired from within that building.  The officers were confronted by one of the suspects as he emerged from the target apartment, and they immediately responded to secure that suspect, as well as additional individuals in the apartment.  During their investigation, the responding officers found evidence which supported their belief that these suspects had recently discharged a firearm from that area.   

Despite their knowledge that they were at risk of personal harm from known parties who were believed to be armed and dangerous; the officers did not falter in their pursuit of these individuals.  As a result of their bravery and dedication to duty, three suspects were taken into custody; including a party who was wanted on multiple felony warrants and another who has a violent criminal history.  The officers were also able to seize illegal drugs, a quantity of ammunition and a firearm from the apartment; and consequently removed the threat that this weapon presented in the hands of these criminals.