From: Lieutenant Richard Donnelly

Date:  September 19, 2013

Subject:  Ordinance Regulating Public Safety In Convenience Stores  


With a steady rise of robberies in local convenience stores the Lynn Police Department would like to remind Convenience Store owners about an Amendment to the ordinance regulating public safety within convenience stores in the City of Lynn. This Amendment was adopted by the City Council and approved by Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy on June 25, 2013.  Store owners are now required to have a store security video system that faces and records the counter and cash register area from both the front and rear of the store and also cameras that record the front entrance door.  This amendment also ensures that persons working at the time of a robbery or incident are capable of accessing and operating the security system allowing responding Police Officers an opportunity to view requested video. In the alternative store owners can make themselves available within 30 minutes of the time of a police response.  

The most common issue Lynn Police Officers are facing when requesting video from our local convenience stores is that the employees working at the time of the robbery do not have access to the video system or the employee and or owners do not know how to download the requested video to a viewable format. This delay in providing Police Officers access to video may allow a known suspect to remain on the street and commit more needless robberies and possible injury to innocent victims.

The city’s convenience store ordinance already requires store owners to manage their cash in a more secure manner, maintain video security systems, and keep their doors and windows visible from the street. Store owners are reminded that any violation of the Ordinance Regulating Convenience Stores is subject to a fine of $300.00 dollars.  The entire Ordinance Regulating Public Safety In Convenience Stores and all of its provisions may be viewed on the Lynn Police Web site.