From: Lieutenant Rick Donnelly

Date: May 6, 2014

Subject: Green Dot Money Pack cards & Western Union Scam


    The Lynn Police Department would like to alert residents to a scam being perpetrated in our community and surrounding communities regarding Green Dot cards and Western Union scams. Please be aware that no legitimate business should ask you for money using a Green Dot card or Western Union. If you receive a request for any type of service requiring you to use a Green Dot card or Western Union this should raise an immediate red flag.

    Last week six victims reported to Lynn Police Department that they received a phone call soliciting money requiring the use of a Green Dot card. Four of the phone calls involved a suspect identifying himself as a representative from National Grid. The suspect told the victims that there was a problem with the victim’s electrical meter and National Grid would fix it for the cost of $340.22. The suspect caller stated that after they fixed the problem they would reimburse the victim and give them an additional $100.00 dollars.  The suspect caller requested that the victim pay using either a Green Dot Money Pack card or Western Union.

    The Lynn Police would strongly discourage members of the public from agreeing to unsolicited offers: including the selling of products, and the servicing or repairing of homes and vehicles, especially through ‘cold-calling’.  If a member of the public is approached with these offers and believes them to be fraudulent, they are encouraged to contact their local police department.

    Citizens are reminded that while the majority of businesses are trustworthy and dependable, there are still businesses that are deceptive and unethical.  Homeowners should check with the Better Business Bureau and the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, Consumer Complaint Division, before allowing any company to solicit your business.    



Lieutenant Richard Donnelly
Lynn Police Department
Public Information Officer