FROM: Deputy Chief Leonard Desmarais
DATE: Friday, January 10, 2014 2:11 PM



" Handicap Parking Abuse Program"


Handicap placards allow individuals with disabilities to work, shop, and enjoy other activities.

It can be extremely frustrating for these individuals when parking spots designated for them are taken by people who have the ability to use regular parking.

In order to try to address this problem the Lynn Police Department ran a Handicap Parking Abuse Program during the six weekends from Friday Nov. 15 through Saturday Dec. 28.

The program was intended to deter two types of violations: Handicap Parking Violations and Handicap Placard Abuse.


·         Handicap Parking Violations are the use of designated handicap parking spots by those

without a handicap placard or plate. 


Fifty three violations were addressed by a Parking Violation Notice for:

 “Handicap Parking $100.”



·         Handicap Placard Abuse is the misuse of such placards and falls under three categories:

-          Placard Misuse, Placard Holder Not Present.

-          Placard Misuse, Photocopy of Placard.

-          Placard Misuse, Expiration Date Altered.



Twenty four violations were addressed by a Massachusetts Uniform Citation for:

“Placard Misuse $500”



Please remember that parking in handicap designated parking spots makes it very difficult for others to do everyday activities.